Shamrock Keeshonds came about after a many year love of animals, dogs, and "doggie people." My first dog was a Lhasa Apso named Ming, who "trained me" in obedience classes. She was my first venture in dog shows, shown in obedience and earned a CDX (not an easy task with a Lhasa). I found I loved dog shows, greatly enjoyed the people I met, and knew that after college, "when I grew up" that I wanted to participate in something to do with dogs.  In spring of 1974, after reading about them, studying about them, writing letters and talking with breeders, I saw my first Keeshond at the KCA national in California.  It was all over but the shouting.  After investigating and looking at multiple litters, I was lucky enough to obtain my foundation bitch, Chelsea (Ch. Somerville Chelsea Morning, ROM), who finished her championship at 10 months.

Shamrock strives to produce healthy, loving, pretty Keeshonds, with just a wee bit of the blarney. As we approach 40 years in the breed, we have seen fads come and go, but we have tried to stay true to this objective. Shamrock dogs are known for their pretty heads, lovely temperaments, and fun loving attitudes. With our love of genetics, pedigrees are important, but along with the need for genotype, extremely important are phenotype to the "Shamrock" look. If you look at Chelsea and then look at our current winners, you will see many similarities, especially in head type.

Shamrock Kees are house raised, all our dogs are house companions. Along with an occasional Pomeranian and Standard Poodle, Keeshonds have always been our true love.

Shamrock Keeshonds feels it is important to help and support all our puppy buyers throughout the lives of their precious pets, and we are always available to answer questions and help. Winning in the show ring is wonderful fun and very rewarding, but placing healthy, good-natured puppies in pet homes is just as important to us.